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Microsoft Telford Partner

A&A Computer Repair Telford offer fast, low cost computer repair.

Every client receives a first class computer repair and first class computer support at low cost.

Acer Computer Repair Telford 

Acer Telford Computer Repair

Advent Computer Repair Telford 

Advent Telford Computer Repair

Asus Computer Repair Telford 

Asus Telford Computer Repair

Compaq Computer Repair Telford 

Compaq Telford Computer Repair

Dell Computer Repair Telford 

Dell Telford Computer Repair

Fujitsu Computer Repair Telford 

Fujitsu Telford Computer Repair

HP Computer Repair Telford 

HP Telford Computer Repair

Lenovo Computer Repair Telford 

Lenovo Telford Computer Repair

Medion Computer Repair Telford 

Medion Telford Computer Repair

Samsung Computer Repair Telford 

Samsung Telford Computer Repair

Sony Computer Repair Telford 

Sony Telford Computer Repair

Toshiba Laptop Repair Telford 

Toshiba Telford Computer Repair

Zoostorm Computer Repair Telford 

Zoostorm Telford Computer Repair


A&A Computers Repair Windows Computer Updates in Telford

A&A Computers Repair Faulty Telford Laptops and Reinstall Windows

A&A Computers offer Telford SSD Drive Installation with Secure Data Transfer

A&A Computers Repair Faulty PC`s and Reinstall Windows

A&A Computers Upgrade Slow Laptops and Repair Slow Laptops

A&A Computers Upgrade Slow PCs and Repair Slow PCs

A&A Computers Repair Hacked Telford Computers

A&A Computers Find and Remove Viruses, Kill Malware in Telford

A&A Computers Backup Telford Computer Data and fully Reinstall Windows

A&A Computers can Transplant Old Hard Drives into an External USB Caddy

A&A Computers Repair - Replace Faulty Telford Laptop Power Sockets

A&A Computers Replace Faulty Telford PC Power Supplies

A&A Computers Diagnose Computer Faults and Replace Faulty Components

A&A Computers Replace Broken Telford Laptop Screens

A&A Computers Fix Telford Laptop Cooling Fan Repair

 + Much More

Phone A&A Best Computer Repair, Telford, Shropshire

Over 25yrs Experience

100% Success Record

A&A Computer - Computer Repair is based in Wellington, Telford, Shropshire (Wellington Telford Computer Repair). We offer UK computer support, UK computer repairs, UK computer service and UK computer maintenance.

We offer Telford, Laptop Repair, PC Repair, Computer Virus Removal and Reinstallations.

Based in Orleton Lane Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, UK, A&A Computers are just 15 miles from Shrewsbury. A&A Computers - Genner Communications are ideally located to provide a low cost computer maintenance, computer and computer support service to the entire UK. This web site is effectively our online UK computer shop.

A&A Computers - Computer Repair deals with PC, Laptop, Notebook and Netbook computer upgrades, business computer upgrades and computer support services across the UK.

Locally, we deal with computer support, fault finding and fault resolution, computer maintenance and computer repair for PC, Laptop, Notebook and Netbook computers and small business computers across Telford, Shrewsbury and Shropshire and the West Midlands.

But low cost can still mean high quality service. We are Microsoft partners and our computer engineers are both highly qualified and highly experienced.

Most work on PC, Laptop, Notebook and Netbook computers and small business computer issues is undertaken in-house.

A&A Computer Repair, Telford, Shropshirel

Telford Computer Engineer 

Highly Experienced - Qualified Telford Staff


Free Computer Service During Repairs

Telford computer repairs include free computer service

Telford computer repairs include free Virus Check

Telford computer repairs include free Malware Check

Telford computer repairs include free updates installation

We originally set up A&A Computer Repair Telford to provide a high quality - low cost computer service for PC, Laptop, Notebook and Netbook computer users and small business computer users who find that they need local IT support which is tailored to their individual requirements.

A&A Computers are specialists in Computer Repair. Simply call us, or bring your tower PC, desktop PC or laptop computer - notebook computer to our Telford workshops and our qualified engineers will identify the fault - faults and advise on the required repair.

Telford office computer repair

Telford Office Computer Maintenance

Telford Shropshire same day emergency A&A computer repair

Telford Emergency Computer Repair

 Windows Update Repairs - Computer Update Fix in Shropshire

Telford Computer Update Fix


About computer viruses and Albrighton virus removal

About Computer Viruses

Barclays Install Kaspersky Anti Virus - Internet Security 

We recommend Kaspersky

Please Note; Barclays recommend Kaspersky Internet Security and (at the time of writing - 2016) Barclays supply free Kaspersky licences to Barclays Online Banking customers. 

About malware and Shropshire malware removal

About Malware

About ransomware and Shropshire ransomware removal

About Ransomware


Computer hacking repair

Computer Hacking Support


A&A Computers Laptop and PC Data Removal Telford Shropshire

In the vast majority of cases, A&A Computer Repair can retrieve customers data such as photos, documents and even music and video from failed computers. We remove the hard disk drive and fit it to another computer, we kill any viruses and then copy the data to the 2nd machine. Only then do we start working on the faulty computer. Because the data has been backed up - it is safe.

If a computer is Beyond Economical Repair, A&A Computer Repair can usually save your data to DVDs, USB drive or to a different computer. A&A Computer Repair can then completely destroy all data on the faulty hard drive.

Problem;   Computer is running slow

Answer;     There are many possible reasons for this, below are a few sample answers


Problem;   I have a virus

Answer;     There are many possible solutions. A few are listed below


Problem;   The PC "powers up", but nothing appears on screen

Answer;     There are many possible reasons for this, below are sample answers


Problem;   I want to upgrade my computer

Answer;     Simply contact us for honest, independent advice


Problem;   I want to install or to share broadband on a home or small business network

Answer;     Home Networking can be achieved in a number of ways & the best solution is dependent upon exactly what you are trying to achieve & the specification & operating systems of the PCs.


Problem;   My laptop has been water damaged / damaged by spilled water / tea / coffee

Answer;     A&A Computer Repair can usually repair water damaged laptops without losing data


Problem;   I want to upgrade my hard disk drive, but do not want to lose my data

Answer;   (for laptop, desktop & tower computers); hard drive clone. A&A Computer Repair can usually transfer the complete contents of a hard drive to a new drive. This means that the customer does not lose data, email addresses etc.

A&A Best Telford Computer Repair Reviews

A&A Best Telford Computer Repair Reviews

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