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A&A Telford Computer Repair are pleased to offer Fast, Reliable Telford CNC Drive Recovery and Repair.

Please note that all mechanical CNC Machine Hard Drives will fail and should therefore be backed up (including the operating system). We offer CNC Machine iDE Hard Disk Drive to Solid State Drive upgrades and CNC Machine SATA Hard Drive to SSD upgrades.

In the abvove scenarios, we will typically remove the existing CNC machine hard disk drive and clone it to a Solid State Unit.

Since a CNC machine mechanical hard disk drive is basically a box of rotating disks (data is read by a stylus) whilst a CNC Machine Solid State Drive is basically a box of memory, a CNC Machine Solid State Drive has no moving parts, it is far less susceptabal to vibration damage, it is faster, virtually silent and much faster.

We offer a cloning service where the original CNC Machine Hard Drive is replaced by and cloned onto a Solid State Drive (SSD). The original CNC Machine Hard Drive can then be stored as a fail-safe backup.

We also offer Telford Office Out of Hours Computer Repair and Installation including Telford Office PC Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades and ongoing office computer support plans - ongoing business computer service plans.

In the vast majority of cases, assessments, installations, fault resolutions etc will be dealt with the same day.

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