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(Telford PC and Laptop Insurance Reports)

Simply call us on with details of the Faulty Computer (computer model) and a description of the issue.

We will typically be able to advise on the problem over the phone.

If the computer needs to be assessed for insurance claim purposes, we will need to see and test the faulty computer - we are based in Telford, Shropshire.

We will fully test and diagnose the fault and probable cost of repair. A&A Computer Repair can then repair the computer or provide a written inspection - diagnostics report (performed by a skilled - qualified - experienced computer engineer) for presentation to the customers insurance company.

This report will be kept on record and A&A Computer Repair can take calls from - provide verbal support to the insurer on behalf of the customer

If the computer is BER (Beyond Economical Repair), our report will state the exact nature of the fault, test procedures and reasons for the conclusion.

Additionally; A&A Computer Repair can often remove viruses and retrieve clients data from the computer hard drive and (in the case of laptop computers) transfer the hard drive to an external USB caddy (which can then be accessed from another computer just by plugging the drive in).

If the computer is repairable, the customer will be given full costing before any additional work is started and the examination fee will be cancelled when we perform the work.

Most computer repairs (PC Repairs or Laptop Repairs) are completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Telford PC - Notebook - Laptop Insurance Claim Report

Laptop - PC insurance report


Transfer Notebook - Laptop Hard Disk Drive to External Caddy

Hard Disk Drive Transfer for Insurance Report


Laptop - PC data transfer

Telford Computer Repair Reviews

Telford Computer Repair Reviews

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