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Please note that unlike others, we do not send Advent Computers away for repair and all Telford Advent Computer Repairs are performed by qualified, highly experienced computer engineers in Orleton Lane, Wellington Telford.


We also perform the upgrade onto a new SSD (Solid State Drive) to significantly improve the performance of your computer (our Telford SSD Upgrade (Solid State Drive Upgrade) will typically make a computer about twice as fast).

Telford Best Advent Computer Repair 

From Minor Advent Computer Fixes in Telford
Major Advent Telford Computer Repair

We Repair Slow Advent Laptops

We Repair Slow Advent Computers

We Repair Noisy Advent Computers

Advent Laptop Virus Removal
Advent Computer Virus Removal

Your Data Remains CONFIDENTIAL

Your Data Remains Absolutely SECURE

Over 25yrs Experience

100% Record


Fast, Low Cost, High Quality Telford Advent Computer Repair

Qualified Computer Engineer in Telford

Highly Experienced - Qualified Staff


Telford Advent Computer Repair

How It Works

Telford Advent Computer Repair Reinstall Windows

Telford Advent Computer Repair Remove Viruses and Kill Malware

Telford Advent Computer Repair Backup Data from your Hard Drive and then fully Reinstall Windows

Telford Advent Computer Repair Transplant your Old Hard Drive into an External USB Caddy

Telford Advent Computer Repair replace faulty power supplies

Telford Advent Computer Repair diagnose and replace faulty components

+ Much More

Fast High Quality Telford Advent Computer Repair

A&A Telford Computer Repair offer fast Advent Telford Computer Repair for issues with Advent Laptop Computers - Advent Notebooks, Advent Tablets, Advent PCs and Advent Netbooks.

Additionally; we are Telford Based Microsoft Partners and can support Microsoft products including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. We will typically be able to advise on many problems over the phone.

If we need to see the faulty Advent computer, A&A Telford Computer Repair repair the Advent Tower PC or repair the Advent Laptop Computer at the address in Telford, or A&A Telford Computer Repair collect the Advent computer from the address in Telford or the client can deliver the system to us (we are based in Wellington, Telford).

Telford 793050

Most Advent computer repairs are completed within 24 to 48 hours.

A&A Telford Computer Repair also provide Telford Computer Insurance Claim Reports.

We provide Advent Computer Repair in most local areas and can collect from - return to; Oakengates, Muxton, Wellington, Stirchley, Sutton Hill, Aquaduct, Wrockwardine, Malinslee, Ketley, Donnington, Lilleshall, Trench, Leegomery, Hadley, Trench, Little Wenlock, Shawbirch, Admaston, Woodside, St Georges, Hollinswood, Ironbridge, Madeley, Shifnal, Brookside, Priorslee, Bratton, Dawley.

If your Advent computer is slow, if your Advent computer is noisy, if your Advent computer cannot connect to the internet, if your Advent computer has a virus; A&A Telford Computer Repair help.

A&A Telford Computer Repair specialise in removing Advent Laptop Computers, Advent Netbooks and Advent PCs without losing any data.

However; if this is not possible (eg; because the virus, malware or spyware has caused too much damage), A&A Telford Computer Repair usually kill viruses infecting your photos, videos and music. we would then save your files onto one of our in-house servers (without viewing - opening your files).

We will then usually be able to fully re-install Windows with the correct drivers etc or restore the Advent PC, Advent laptop or Advent Netbook hard drive back to its original (out - of box) condition - usually; even if you have lost or never created your Windows disks or recovery Disks.

This is because we maintain a massive database of full - original Advent recovery disks and Advent drivers.

The point is; we almost certainly have the correct software to allow us to successfully - completely repair your Advent Computer and we are based in Telford.

We also remove viruses from Advent PC, Advent laptop or Advent netbook computer.

Save documents (photos, documents, music etc).

Reinstall the correct version of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with the correct drivers, utilities etc and register with Microsoft (we are Telford Based Microsoft Partners).

Telford Laptop Screen Supply Repair and SSD Upgrade

Laptop Screen Repair - Telford

Fast Telford Advent Home computer Repair and SSD Upgrade

Telford Home Computer Repair

Telford office Advent computer Repair and SSD Upgrade

Telford Office Computer Repair

 Telford same day emergency Advent computer repair

Telford Emergency Computer Repair


Advent Laptop and Advent PC Data Removal in Telford

In the vast majority of cases, A&A Telford Computer Repair retrieve customers data such as photos, documents and even music and video from failed Acer computers. We remove the hard disk drive and fit it to another computer, we kill any viruses and then copy the data to the 2nd machine. Only then do we start working on the faulty computer. Because the data has been backed up - it is safe.

If a computer is Beyond Economical Repair, A&A Telford Computer Repair usually save your data to DVDs, USB drive or to a different computer. A&A Telford Computer Repair then completely destroy all data on the faulty hard drive.

Telford Computer Repair Reviews

Telford Computer Repair Reviews

Contact A&A Telford Advent Computer Repair and SSD Upgrade

Telford Computer Repair

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01952 793050

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07564 992501

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Telford Computer Repairs Address and Phone Number

57 Orleton Lane, Wellington, Telford.


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